I put this section on my site because I keep getting asked the same questions over and over.  Here's where all of these get answered!

What Camera... Lens... etc do I use?

 Every piece of gear thats I use is on my KIT.  You can find it here kit.com/jevendovey

What are your camera settings? 

I shoot everything in either 4k or HD.  Mostly HD so I don't have to deal with large amounts of data to deal with.  Also with the GH5 you get better slow motion in HD.  I shoot 29.97.  I know I'm weird but I shoot all my clients content for my production company in 30p and I've come to like the look of it.  I shoot in either Natural or Cine-V for color settings.  Sometimes I'll shoot LOG but its a pain to grade so much footage.  Natural has the best skin tones but still takes some grading.

What do you edit your videos with?

I use FCPX.  Please don't ask me about suggestions for PC software, I don't use a PC.  My suggestion for anyone who is going to edit to use FCPX.  If you're new to it then get a tutorial series from RippleTraining.com and learn the software.  It will only take a few days and you'll know the software inside and out. 

Where are you from?

I grew up in a town just south of Seattle called Tacoma.  I moved to LA to pursue a carieer in filmmaking and thats where I'm currently based.

How old are you?

I am 29 but turning 30 very soon. 

How can you afford to travel so much?

I work hard and I spend my money on travel.  Some people buy nice cars and expensive nick nacks but I choose to spend my money on getting me to new places.  You have to figure out what your priority is in life.

Whats the name of that song in your video...?

I get messaged about my music almost daily.  I get all my music from Epidemnicsound.com. Unfortunately I can't find every specific track for each video.  I create a ton of content and it takes me too much time to dig in my edit files to find the exact track I used in each part of a video.  The best way to find the music is go to Epidemnicsound.com and search their library.  You can message them if you're looking for something specific and I'm sure their team will be happy to assist you.  

Can you give me a camera drone etc?

In the nicest way, no.  Occasionaly I do a giveaway on my channel so watch out for those.  They're completely random so good luck!